Where do I start

If you have never flown before, we offer two options to allow you to take to the sky, an introductory flight or a multi-day course.

The primary difference between these are the number of flights included, the introductory flight with one, any of the courses include a minimum of two per day.

  • Aerotow to 2000 feet
  • 3 months membership
  • Full use of club facilities
  • All glider airtime charges
  • Full safety briefing
  • No charge for instructions

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are vaild for one year and make ideal presents for friends and family, they are available for our introductory experience flights starting from £90

Order online and we will email you a flight voucher immediately

introductory flight voucher

Calling all pilots

If you already hold a PPL, or fly hang gliders, maybe your a commercial pilot or simply a glider pilot who has not flown for a while. We have large fleet of training aircraft and qualified instructor ready and waiting to help you enjoy the delights of silent flight.

For existing glider pilots we have a number of single seaters, all with oxygen ready and waiting o help you climb to new heights and take you cross country out over the Grampian Mountains.

Price List

  • 2000 foot aerotow - £30.00
  • Glider Charges - 40p/min
  • Full Membership - £220
  • Youth Membership - £110
  • Instruction - Free
  • Bunkroom - £7.50/night